Baby Godzilla

  • Date: Thu 27th September 2012
  • Doors Open: 7:00 pm
  • Supported By: Exit_International + Widows + Shields
  • On Sale: Tickets Open

Baby Godzilla (ready for action)

BABY GODZILLA  •  Website/BandCamp           //           BABY GODZILLA  •  FaceBook

“Baby Godzilla pack more furiously intense musical workouts into (OCHE’s) brief seven tracks than some bands achieve over their entire careers. Most impressively however, Baby Godzilla look set to join the elite ranks of Gallows et al by making an album which their formidable live reputation simply can’t overshadow” – Rock Sound

“One of the most intense live bands in the world” – Mark Del, Nusic

“Full on in your face hardcore metal, with the energy of bands like The Chariot and the musical prowess of Everytime I Die x a thousand” – Crystal Clear Music

“This is the single greatest thing I have been given to review all year. Seven tracks of sheer metal bliss, overflowing with creativity and bite-sized riffs. If this EP were a woman, it would be a Christina Hendricks, smart, witty and waaaaaaaaaay out of your league and mine (and if any of you disagree, you are all clearly gay)” – Dead Press

“Pummelling riff after sweat-soaked riff of pandemonium. It’s as if the band are tearing themselves apart, piece by piece – utterly unhinged, but utterly brilliant rock ‘n roll destruction” – Keep it Fast

BABY GODZILLA  •  SoundCloudloud               //              BABY GODZILLA  •  Twitter

EXIT_INTERNATIONAL  •  Website                 //               EXIT_INTERNATIONAL  •  FaceBook

“Raucous, noisy fun – This is the beginning – Resistance is futile”  • KKKK Kerrang!

“Memorable moment after memorable moment…a staggering wall of sound”  • 8/10 Rocksound

“Intense, sweaty and claustrophobic; energetic enough to power your street”  • 8/10 This Is Fake DIY

“Remarkably smart and focused – dark, devastatingly good music”  • BBC Online

“A frothy-gobbed half hour thrill ride worthy of attention”  • 9/10 Drop-D

“If you like your music original, scuzzy, fun and catchy, look no further”  • 9/10 Deadly Rhythm

“A record of grooveable nastiness, ear drum shredding noise and unpredictable quirks”  • 4/5 MMP

EXIT_INTERNATIONAL  •  SoundCloud           //             EXIT_INTERNATIONAL  •  Twitter

plus guests;

WIDOWS •  FaceBook

Formed in 2008 , WIDOWS play music you can raise a beer and swing a fist to, and they do it hard, fast, and loud!
Influenced by the likes of Down, Kyuss, and Clutch they’ve been gathering pace and adding weight to their live sets with new songs and an ever more solid wall of sound since the release of their debut EP ‘Raise the Monolith’ in 2010.

WIDOWS have just dropped their first full length CD ‘Death Valley Duchess’, it’s going out worldwide on Bad News Records!

SHIELDS • FaceBook

“Triumph, glory, wenches, mead, longboats, helmets, riding horseback, giving motivational speeches before battle … all in a days work for Leeds’ ‘medieval power rock’ troupe Shields. The might of this band oozes with every down-tuned riff, war cry and drum assault conveyed in the few tracks we have heard. the feeling you get when you here them live is kinda like that first epic war scene you ever saw; something like Braveheart or Jason and the Argonauts or more recently, ‘300’… its a bit overwhelming and bloody, but when you know the good guys are winning, its goosebumps and fist in the air there on in. A very heavy band without being in your face about it, the rebel yell of the singer is harmonious and with this it makes space for the deepness of the vigorous riffage. This band really grab our attention and will most definitely do the same to you. Hopefully, there will be an album in the midst for the near future, shotgun getting one first.” – BIG SPACESHIP

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