Meet ‘Em – False Heads

Bringing biting lyrics and onstage madness, the mighty False Heads will be back at our place on the 13th December so we got to know ’em!

Hey False Heads, welcome back to The Bodega! How are you feeling ahead of the tour?

Yeha we’re feeling great, going to be a bit of change of pace from being buried away writing and recording all summer but can’t wait!

We’ve seen you’ve been writing some more material, it’s sounding huge! Can we expect to hear some of these tracks at the show?

Hahahah well you’ll have to wait and see. I reckon there may be a few thought

Your rehearsal room is brilliant, how did the shipping container end up being the place you go to practice?

There’s a long history to this hahaha someone we knew rented one out to drum and we kept paying through the nose for a fucking rehearsal space and we used it once and thought this is fucking perfect. The guy in there before moved out th country and we took it over. There’s quite a bit of damp and mould and possibly abestos so that might cause us some issues in a few decades but for now, it’s great.

What’s the songwriting process like for you guys? Your music is very riff-based, does it tend to start with a melody on the guitar and fleshed out in the rehearsal space?

Yeah, it’ll start with a riff or a chord sequence or a bass line and then we just keep jamming on it whilst me and Barn are humming or droning over the time and we just keep doing that until it clicks. A lot of the time we will record stuff on our phones and listen to it at home and ideas will from that way as well. I’m always writing lyrics so that gets built into the tune because I’ve always got stuff ready to go.

There’s a great interaction between the fans and you guys, how did the fan artwork idea come about for ‘Hangman’?

I just thought it would be a really good idea to have a fan led campaign. Let a fan remix a tune and do the artwork. We’re very direct and in communication with our fans a lot so it just made sense to me. I’d like to do more in the future

Talk to us about dream riders. No budget, what are you going for?

I’m not 100 percent sure I should answer this question hahaha one thing would definitely be just to bring the best Guinness pourer and a draft tap to every show.

Just before we let you go, what can we expect to see from False Heads in the New Year?

New tunes and a new album.

Tickets for False Heads on the 13th December on sale now.





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